Why a monovelo?
The monovelo is a vehicle for fun. Just like a jetski. Riding a monovelo is pure adrenaline!
You are bound to attract attention.

How much time does it take to ride the monovelo?
This varies from person to person. The more you practice, the more skillful you become. The amount of time to get good control over the monovelo would be pretty much the same time you would spend learning to ride motorcycles or bicycles, it takes only a few hours.

How does it feel to ride a monovelo?
What we can already tell you is that the experience is unique. It is you surfing the road.
 You will find out more when you get to ride one! A quote from a passionate monovelo driver: “You've really given me something life changing!”

What are the uses of the monovelo?
Monovelos are used in several ways:
- As a personal recreation vehicle for a new type of a sport
- As an innovative amusement ride for use in theme parks
- As a way to get your company, product or self noticed

What can I do with a monovelo?
Besides normal steering and riding several tricks and all sorts of stunts. Be innovative.

On which surface can I ride a monovelo?
Appropriate terrain is hard soil like roads and pavement.

Is it street legal?
The monovelo is not designed to be used on public roads. For further information we refer to your local authorities.

What age do you need to be?
We advise a minimum age of 16.

What does it cost?
There are basically two versions, an LED-lighted and an unlighted one. The one without lights has a price of USD 2'290 plus shipping and handling. The second version is identical to the monovelo used in the closing ceremony of the Olympics in Beijing 2008 and has LED-lights. Three colors of the LED-lights are available: Red, white and blue. The lighted version costs USD 2'490 plus shipping and handling.
We ship worldwide. Shipment will cost typically between 1000 - 2000 USD, depending on your distance from China.
Price may change without prior notice. Check our website.



Can I test a monovelo?
Maybe there is a monovelo owner in your neighbourhood. To find out, mail us at

Can I rent or lease a monovelo
No. But they are for sale!

What is the delivery time?
One month including shipment.

Drivers licence needed?
No. But we do advise to practice in a safe area.

What about safety?
Like any other vehicle the monovelo is potentially dangerous for both pilot and bystanders. We advise you to wear protective clothing and a helmet. Practice on clear and level surfaces.
The monovelo is as safe as its pilot.

Is there a store where I can see/test a monovelo?
You can test the monovelo in Switzerland or the USA, please contact us.

How fast does it go?
About 20 km/h

How do you brake?
Release the feet from the pedals to the ground and lean back to counterbalance.

Where is it manufactured?
The monovelo is produced in China.

Who invented the monovelo?
Many single wheeled vehicles have been made over the past century. Ours is the first human powered  one that is commercially available.

Does it really put airlines out of business?
Ah... you saw that famous episode of South Park.

What about South Park?
IT is great! But our monowheel aka monovelo is definitely more comfortable.

Where can I find more information?
Check out this website. Or just order one and try it out yourself...